Matthieu Bagory

Full-stack Developer – CTO at Meditect


CTO at Meditect, a traceability solution for drug boxes in West Africa to fight against counterfeits. 20 people between France and the Ivory Coast. 1.5M € in fundraising

Software developer for over 7 years, with strong expertise in:

  • Mobile & web development ⇨ 4 years in native iOS (obj-C, Swift) and Android (Java), 3 years in React JS and React Native. Mainly on server-less architectures, Node backend and noSQL databases. Including testing and continuous integration
  • Product design ⇨ from brainstorming to production, architect of many products from scratch. With special attention to design, user experience, and scalability
  • Team leadership ⇨ agile and empowering processes (scrum, pair programming, design sprint) in multi-sites and remote environments
  • Web marketing ⇨ early integration of tracking to manage acquisition cost (SEA and social networks) and incrementally improve product (conversion funnel, retention matrix, automation)

Significant experiences in Machine Learning (Tensorflow and MLKit), Natural Language Processing (word2vec), payment (Stripe), search (Algolia), maps (server-side clustering), blockchain (Hyperledger Fabric) and business algorithms (dynamic pricing, demographic matching)

I value productivity, simplicity and empathy


Portfolio from my entrepreneurial and freelance activities


Fuel distribution service. Conception and development of front-end, back-end, algorithms, and back-office

  • iOS and Android mobile apps (client & driver)  in React Native
  • Web application and back-office in React.js
  • Backend and REST api with Firebase
  • Dynamic and geo-localized matching algorithms and prices
  • Recurring payments management (cards and iban)
  • Real-time update of delivery times
  • Advanced security for ressources and accesses

OuiRun enables you to find your next running, jogging or trail partners. You can match with runners in your area, with your level.

  • Maintenance on native iOS and Android apps
  • Backend maintenance and refactoring
  • New matching algorithm
  • Migration from tinder-like to facebook-like friend requests

Pleazup is a free social network to share gift ideas tactfully with your friends and relatives

  • Software architecture
  • iOS (Swift) & Android (Java) mobile app
  • React.js web app
  • Node.js backend development & hosting
  • Search with Algolia API 
  • Recommender engine
  • Visual identity & Design
LIVE for Messenger

LIVE for Messenger is the easiest and most convenient way for spontaneous LIVE VIDEO conversations

  • Video processing & text overlay
  • Address reverse geocoding
  • Facebook login and Messenger integration

B2B marketplace between groceries and restaurants

Easy payment with Stripe and fast delivery with Stuart

  • Software architecture
  • iOS (Swift) & Android native development
  • Node.js backend development
  • Stripe payment API integration
  • Recommendation system design & implementation

Currently in private beta

Graphic design

Portfolio of creative images from personnal and entrepreneur activities


Home-made mashups from fascinating filmmakers

Tribute to Terrence

Terrence Malick

Wes Side Story

Wes Anderson


Documents from my PhD in Biomedical Engineering


Methodological developments for absolute and tissular quantification in Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (SRM) of metabolic alterations in Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

Academic defense

Développements méthodologiques pour la quantification absolue et multi-tissulaire en Spectroscopie par Résonance Magnétique des altérations métaboliques dans la Sclérose en Plaques

IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering

Implementation of an absolute brain (1)H-MRS quantification method to assess different tissue alterations in multiple sclerosis


Where am I?

I’m based in Bordeaux (France), 2 hours from Paris by train

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